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freer of lives.


Adaptation of the novel “Alaïss, la délivreuse de vie” published in 2011 by talented novelist Geny Laffitte who will also act as showrunner for this film project.

Movie category: Supernatural thriller, action, police intrigue, romance.


Geny Laffitte

Geny Laffitte has two passions: the first leads her to a career as a Star Dancer, the second to take up the pen and write novels in which she mixes several genres. We find the strength and values of the author, a thirst for freedom, courage, a fight for life and what is good in it. She is Director of the company and Showrunner.

Philippe Villette

 Philippe Villette is publisher of Éditions Pierre Philippe and director of ALAISS One Production.

Luca Conceprio

Luca Conceprio is a financial consultant at LCAF Consulting with 30 years of experience in the banking and insurance industry. He joined us as a consultant administrator for the fundraising and insurance division of Alaiss One Production.

pierre-yves revaz

Adrenaline Digital is a digital marketing company managed by Pierre-Yves Revaz with the mission to ensure the visibility of ALAISS One Production on the Web and the different networks.

PrivilEdge Capital SA

PrivilEdge Capital SA, , founded in 2012, is an independent financial services company and hedge fund distributor based in Geneva, Switzerland.
It provides legal and financial advice to the production company.


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